Legal Document Production

Plan. Preserve. Protect.

Legal Document Production

Plan. Preserve. Protect.

The words legal and law seems to strike fear in the heart of most people. A lot of people fear going to an attorney’s office or even having to bring a matter to an attorney, mostly because of the unknown fees. Take ease in knowing, when you have a need for legal document preparation, you don’t always have to seek an attorney. Leave the fear behind. We can speak with you concerning the documentation, and prepare it for you based on the information you provide to address the matter at hand. We offer documentation preparation through our partnership with Legal Incorporated, to prepare documents in varied areas such as Estate Planning, Corporate and Charitable documentation. Most documents are prepared within a 2 business day turn around.

Legal Document Preparation




All charitable organizations including churches need proper legal documents. To protect yourself and those you serve (the public, your congregation, etc.) your legal documentation is very important and should be done correctly and fairly. There are things that should speak to what you will and will not do as a religious belief.

Your Charters, Bylaws and more should speak to what you do and shouldn’t do. Are your documents in compliance with current laws? Do your documents govern what you will and will not do as it relates to your religious beliefs? Does your documentation outline the handling and allocation of charitable gifts?

For example:   If you are a church and your Charter does not address actions regarding  the marriage of a same sex couple and you hold a license to marry, you WILL perform the marriage as required by the state.  In matters such as this, as the laws of the land change, so should your legal documentation (as applicable).



Corporate Documents should be reviewed more often then when first prepared at the starting of your business or organization. Most have the original documents, but in our experience we have learned most do not have comprehensive Operating Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Minutes, Bylaws etc. These documents are much more than words on paper. It is your road map of how you conduct business, and insure your business is compliant as you address everyday corporate matters.

You also should have policies and procedural manuals and things of this nature. If you are ever brought to court, you will appreciate everyday documentation and its importance. Operational documentation should address procedures such as email handling, emergency operations, and more. All things that affect your business both from its internal and public practices. Your financial documents and contracts matter as well. If you need assistance and/or guidance to create or revise your corporate documentation, we stand at the ready to assist you.



Limited Liability Corporations (LLC’s) have become the benchmark structure when people start a business, however an LLC is one of the first kinds of business that are outgrown. This is also a pass through entity, which means as your business grows the net revenue passes straight to your 1040 and increases your tax bracket, sometimes to the highest bracket in the land which causes you to pay the most in taxes.

Have you revisited your corporate structure that would allow you to pay less in taxes? Have you truly examined your growth? Is your business growth in alignment with an LLC structure? If you are the 100 percent member, ask yourself what liability have you limited? We can help you to examine if your structure is limiting your business.





Estate planning is very important as it relates to how things end or even begin for the next generation. Estate planning involves the avoidance of probate, and involves a proper and ordered distribution of your estate to your heirs. It may also involve the separate reduction of taxation on your estate and insures your family remains together avoiding the discord often experienced by so many families without ordered distribution.

  • Comprehensive Estate Plan Documents
  • Terminal Illness Plan Documentation
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney (Financial)
  • Powers of Attorney (Healthcare)

Document the details!

Estate Plan Funding

What is it?

The funding of an estate plan is the term used for the transfer of assets currently owned by the Trustor that are going to be placed into the trust.  Funding is simply transferring titled assets in your name to be transferred into the name of your trust.

Its Importance!

Once your estate plan has been created and executed, specifically your Trust, the next most important step is the proper funding.  It is important that assets owned in your name that may go through probate in your state, is in the name of your trust.  This may include retirement accounts, bank accounts, property, land, executive properties and more.  Remember those titled elements not included in your trust will go through the probate process.

How We Help

Not only can we assist with the documentation of trusts and other estate planning documents, be we can also assist you with direction, instruction and the drafting of  general documentation to aid the funding process.