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Our Story Where we started...where we're headed.

Integrity Financial Business and Corporate Services (“IFBCS”) was born out of the realization that the business owners were the least understood, under serviced, and least benefited by the financial industry. Through our research we noticed the gross over payment of taxes that could or should have been used to build substantial executive retirements.

Executives would hustle at the end of each year to find funds to pay taxes, when they possibly didn’t have money to pay themselves a salary throughout the year.  There was a large gap for the needs of business owners. Many advisers simply do not understand the day and the life of a business owner, specifically:

* The things that would keep a business owner up at night.
* The importance and application of industry data  versus market data.
* Business owners with structural & operational hurdles.

We encountered high net worth individuals with incorrect legacy planning, grossly overpaying taxes without a guaranteed lifetime income plan. We discovered settlement recipients (i.e. lottery winnings, lawsuits, divorces, large inheritance windfalls, etc.) were also grossly under served.

People had no idea what to do with a large amount of money; specifically how to preserve and protect it.
They only knew to spend it; which resulted in many of these individuals returning to their prior economic status inside of a year.

What Our Clients Think

 “After our first friendly consultation, I knew that I was in expert hands with Integrity Financial. I was able to get the right coverage and protection for my company’s future.”

D. Boyd, Boyd Family Funeral Home

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“After six years of service in business, I thought I would have to close because it was no longer profitable. It was running in the red and was no longer providing revenue to me. This would have meant the laying off of 50+ employees, damage to my reputation and the end of my dream. I decided to take a meeting with Mr. Tanner. He convinced me that there was still viability in my business and with a few changes and implementation of a few strategic business practices, everything turned around. Within the first quarter of working with Integrity, I regained my personal income and my business generate more revenue within the same quarter. No doubt this was the best business decision I had made in a long time. Today my business is more competitive, innovative and profitable serving our community better than ever. Words are not sufficient enough to thank Mr. Tanner and the team at Integrity for their tremendous work in turning my business around.” 

J.Bates, Hospital Rehabilitation Services

“No other call need. If you are in need of sound advise for business or personal adventures, Integrity Financial is the one to call. I have been with Integrity Financial for more than 2 years, and not only satisfied with each decision, but completely comfortable know they take my future seriously. Mr. Tanner and his staff treat me with the highest regard and their undivided attention. These are people that you can trust to make your money grow.”  

L. Parker, Retired

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 “I used to have so many different types of insurance that I lost track of them all. With the help of IFBCS I now have the right types of coverage and strategies for me. It’s great how you can save money so easily and still be properly covered.”  

R. Vincent, DDS

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“I have trusted my executive business planning to Mr. Tanner and his team. I found them to operate with the utmost professionalism as well as extreme competence. Integrity is relevant to our ongoing business success.”  

T. Garner, CEO

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