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Estate & Legacy Planning


Asset Protection Are you bulletproof?

Proper Asset Protection has been proven to save marriages, partnerships, businesses in general, corporations and personal wealth.  It is the planning staple of the work we do.  It is the very foundation of every Generational Wealth Plan we create.

What is Asset Protection?

To begin the conversation about Asset Protection, we must first identify what are assets.  When we refer to assets we are referring to titled properties, accounts, investments and holdings that are specifically titled in the name of our clients.  This includes both the personal assets and any corporate assets of the companies owned or where the executive has a partnership interest (as applicable).

Why is Asset Protection so important?

The first reason we believe its important is rather obvious:   It takes longer to build any corporation, organization or personal wealth, than it takes to lose it.  We have all read of examples of people losing 100 year old family businesses in the term of a couple of months.  This is because, while the focus was on acquiring and building, no one stopped to think about what would protect it from loss.
The second reason Asset Protection is important revolves around life events (i.e.  Sudden disability, a long term care need, degenerative diseases, dementia or other mental disorders, divorce, death of a partner, etc.).  Any one or combination of life events, and the associated costs can quickly depreciate the assets of a lifetime of work.   When appropriate and proper asset protection is done, the owner and the business should be protected from the nine (9) major life events that could prove catastrophic to business.





Estate planning is very important as it relates to how things end or even begin for the next generation. Estate planning involves the avoidance of probate, and involves a proper and ordered distribution of your estate to your heirs. It may also involve the separate reduction of taxation on your estate and insures your family remains together avoiding the discord often experienced by so many families without ordered distribution.

  • Comprehensive Estate Plan Documents
  • Terminal Illness Plan Documentation
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney (Financial)
  • Powers of Attorney (Healthcare)

Estate Plan Funding

What is it?

The funding of an estate plan is the term used for the transfer of assets currently owned by the Trustor that are going to be placed into the trust.  Funding is simply transferring titled assets in your name to be transferred into the name of your trust.

Its Importance!

Once your estate plan has been created and executed, specifically your Trust, the next most important step is the proper funding.  It is important that assets owned in your name that may go through probate in your state, is in the name of your trust.  This may include retirement accounts, bank accounts, property, land, executive properties and more.  Remember those titled elements not included in your trust will go through the probate process.

How We Help

Not only can we assist with the documentation of trusts and other estate planning documents, be we can also assist you with direction, instruction and the drafting of  general documentation to aid the funding process.


Are you bulletproof?

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