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Your lifestyle plan.

A Lifestyle Plan

We don’t try to predict the future, only work to prepare you for it. We have discovered that no one plans to fail, but many fail to plan. Income and retirement is not a magic formula. It must be planned for, saved toward and you must adopt proper behavior. To this end, we work with our clients to change their investment behavior so that their lifestyle plan has a sound foundation.

Retirement Readiness Planning

Tough Questions


Qualified Plans


Retirement...Are you ready or not?

Your Bank


Taxation issues

One of the biggest drags on building a successful retirement plan is taxes. Taxes alone will do more damage to the building of wealth than any other single factor including losses and fees. Tax deferral should no longer be practiced in this current environment and strong consideration should be given to the possibility of rolling out vs. rolling over. This would initiate movement from a forever taxed position, to a never taxed again reality.

Social Security

It is vital to understand how social security will interact with your retirement income in the future. Most people will pay taxes on 80% of the social security income. Will you?


Do you know and/or understand what causes a tax event when conducting a rollover? Are you aware of the biggest mistake you can make when leaving with a qualified plan?


Individuals who realize that the taxes deferred in a qualified account is not their money...was never their money...and will never be their money are now electing to address the taxes at the lowest rate and known calculation available. Have you considered this action?


We believe it is important to remove all restrictions that prevent liquidity use and control of your nest egg. These would be things such as no access until age 59 1/2 and required minimum distributions at age 72. It is also important to begin withdrawals in our retirement from the most tax efficient positions. We help you to establish the proper position and the freedom of access you desire.

Transactions & Conversions

Are you aware that every time there is a transaction within your qualified account a fee is generated? Were you also aware that there is an annual management fee? Additionally, there are advertising fees for the fund (12b1 fees); and varied hidden fees within most qualified accounts. Most consider rolling a 401k or 403b to an IRA is a conversion. It's not, because both accounts are still qualified under ERISA rules. A true conversion would be one from an ERISA account to a Non-ERISA account.

Disability & Long term care

It is nearly impossible to perform adequate retirement planning without addressing the possibilities of a permanent disability or a long term care event (i.e. Alzheimer's, Dementia, etc.). Because this is true, we at Integrity do not consider your retirement planning complete until we have selected short and long term disability plans and adequate Long Term Care plans. We also appreciate the options of having our LTC plans cover care in your home vs. a nursing facility.

The truth lies in the numbers...