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Paying the least amount of tax allowable by law is not just an opportunity but your legal right. Many CPA’s while excellent accountants, are not tax strategists, nor are they business planning specialists. Because of this, many of the tax saving vehicles that could save you and your business from 50-70% in tax payments are never utilized.

We research and implement the best practices allowed under the current IRC to give you the most comprehensive legal tax reduction strategies. These reductions/savings are redirected to establish very exciting executive wealth programs.

Tax Reduction and Tax Redirection: What do we mean? Taking what was a tax liability or a current tax arrangement and doing a modification and redirection toward a retirement plan suited for executives that will include bonuses and even double bonuses to give you 4-5 options at the end of your business that you would be able to enjoy.

Business Model Conversion

When is the last time you looked at your business model, in particular your business delivery model? It may be time for you to upgrade or consider a full conversion. You have to examine the trends of your revenue, cash flow and evaluate if its necessary to delivery the service as you have always done. Once you have closely evaluated your trends and current position, you may find there is tremendous savings opportunities in expense areas such as employees, workers compensation, and the like and more. A conversion or “upgrade” may be worth exploring.

Conversion Options

  • Structure
  • People/Position
  • Marketing Program
  • Service Delivery Model
  • Sales Approach
  • Government Market to Private Pay

Non Profit Organization

The reason that 85% of all non profits fail within the first three years has everything to do with its initial setup. For example: Board Selection – A board that is weakly selected (individuals were not selected because they were influential; they were selected because they were someone you knew). Another reason may be Roles: the board was never told their ROLE is to raise in kind monies of every kind and they are responsible for raising $10,000, $20,000 or $100,000 per year as an individual member. The Executive Director has never been given a role. They often see themselves as an Office Manager, however the Executive Director should pursuing and learning every time a bid is opening and every foundation that is connected, everyone that can bring money to the organization. They work to cultivate these relationships on a daily basis.

We assist our clients to properly identify and structure the board and establish the proper roles as it relates to the organization. We further help them to understand the responsibilities to the government, public and reporting requirements along with proper structural legal documentation to form an organization.

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