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We strive to allow you to experience the highest level of professionalism encountered in the financial services space. We aim to be the last financial firm you will ever need to reach your financial and retirement goals.

Robert Tanner

Founder and CEO | Lead Strategist

"I've been committed for the past 30 years to serving business clients and high-net-worth individuals across every industry and sector in the United States."

With a career spanning three decades, Robert Tanner is a leading figure in the financial services industry A trailblazer in estate planning, investments, and business strategy, his journey is defined by remarkable achievements and unwavering excellence.

In 1992 Robert started building a nationwide business overseeing 22 top estate planning attorneys. His leadership propelled the firm to become the second-most productive in the country. Transitioning to finance in 2002, he excelled as the Advanced Business Planning Specialist at a premier financial services firm, quickly rising to become its top agent within eight months.

In 2010, Robert founded Integrity Financial BCS, addressing the financial needs of underserved business owners nationwide. This venture has set new industry standards, providing comprehensive services that empower business success.

Kenny Uhlich

Investment Lead

Eugene Radcliffe

Corporate Attorney

Donna Whittington


Drew Holland

Risk Management

Carrita Cloud

Digital Marketing

Jared Lomeo


Samantha Barnes

Case Management

Emily Fisher

Case Management

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